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... the German term "Verordnung" is ambiguous and thus the translator needs to determine whether it refers to a statutory order issued by either the government or an authority at Federal level or at State (Land) level or whether it refers to a legal instrument (regulation) of the European Community?

Political structures, ideas and processes vary from country to country. Making them comprehensible to readers from different political systems poses special challenges for translators. After concentrating on international politics and political structures in my study course, Political Science, and voluntary work for a non-governmental organization for several years, your translations on political issues - including corporate policy - are in safe hands.

Examples of my previous translation projects on political issues:

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Publications (in German)

Behrendt, Bettina/Keller, Diane (2012): 'Englisch als Gerichtssprache', NJW 4/2012, 14. – (opinion on behalf of the legal translators' mailing list 'Juristische Übersetzer' on a bill to introduce English as an official language in German courts)

Behrendt, Bettina (2011): 'Ermächtigte Übersetzer und allgemein beeidigte Dolmetscher müssen Rechtssprachkenntnisse nachweisen', KammerReport Hamm 5/2011, S. 21f.