Customized translations pay off.

Poor texts and translations are perceived as amateurish and can often mar your image. Providing your customers and business partners with a perfect document in their mother tongue is a sign of respect. By doing so, you underline your professionalism, thus strengthening your negotiating basis.

I do not just translate words – but content.

Are the translations of your texts intended to have an impact and serve a specific purpose? Then you have come to the right place! First we will determine the objective and the purpose of the translation – and I will then provide you with a text in the target language that will allow you to achieve exactly what you want: such as a translation of your GTCT so that a German lawyer may adapt them to the German market, certified translations of documents, deeds, or certificates that have to be produced to a court or public authority, the stylistic and target-group customized translation of your newsletter to be read by your customers or a translation for information purposes only for in-house use. Your specific needs and the readers of the target text will always be my utmost priority.

When doing so, I combine specialized language and translating competence with linguistic advice, personal customer service, service orientation, and reliability. During the entire translation job, you have only one contact person and you know to whom you are entrusting your documents and who is producing your translation.

Of course, all translations are proofread before being sent back to the customer. Unless I sign a confidentiality agreement with you, this, as a rule, is done by a competent colleague of mine.

Language combinations:

  • German > English
  • English > German

Translations of deeds and certificates, certification of completeness and correctness of a translation for production at the court and authorities

I translate your documents, deeds and certificates into and from English and certify that the translation is correct and complete

If you wish to electronically submit a certified translation to authorities, please let me know. I may then provide you with the certified translation as a PDF file bearing my qualified electronic signature compliant to EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS regulation).

Proofreading of your translations

Are you in doubt whether a translation in one of these languages is correct? I will compare the original text with the submitted translation and edit the translation where needed.

Proofreading & editing

Spelling mistakes and flaws in style are embarrassing. I proofread your texts (spelling, grammar, and punctuation). Upon request, I make suggestions for stylistic improvement and restatement.


  • German
  • English (British and American English)

Different types of translators.

In Germany, the translator's job title "Übersetzer" is not legally protected. However, a translator's education is indispensable when it comes to producing a quality translation which is adequate for its purpose and ready for publication. Qualified translators in Germany are entitled to hold one of these titles: Diplom-Übersetzer, Diplom-Fachübersetzer, Diplom-Technikübersetzer, geprüfter Übersetzer, staatlich geprüfter Übersetzer, akademisch geprüfter Übersetzer, staatlich anerkannter Übersetzer, Diplom-Sprachmittler, staatlich geprüfter Sprachmittler (frequently translated as graduate translator, accredited translator, certified translator or examined translator or equivalent to B. A. or M. A. in translation). In English-speaking countries, graduates with a Bachelor or Master degree in translation as well as accredited translators will provide quality translations.

What I do not offer:

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Language Combinations

German > English
English > German

Publications (in German)

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