to juri§lation Bettina Behrendt

Are you looking for a translator who will translate your supplier agreements or your pleadings into German or tailor your management booklets for your international employees to their specific needs?

As a freelance court-authorised translator I take on your translation jobs in the areas of law, business and politics on for you. I deliver quality translations from German to English as well as English to German that meet the criteria to be certified as accurate and complete to be produced to a court.

As a freelancer, I also offer personal customer service and direct order processing.

I look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Bettina Behrendt

Translator for the English language authorised by the president of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf

Certified translator of English

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Publications (in German)

Behrendt, Bettina/Keller, Diane (2012): 'Englisch als Gerichtssprache', NJW 4/2012, 14. – (opinion on behalf of the legal translators' mailing list 'Juristische Übersetzer' on a bill to introduce English as an official language in German courts)

Behrendt, Bettina (2011): 'Ermächtigte Übersetzer und allgemein beeidigte Dolmetscher müssen Rechtssprachkenntnisse nachweisen', KammerReport Hamm 5/2011, S. 21f.